DMH introduces Advanced Diagnostic Imaging to Taylor County

DMH introduces Advanced Diagnostic Imaging to Taylor County

New medical technology in Taylor County could help save lives and lessen the chance for invasive procedures. Doctors’ Memorial Hospital recently installed a Canon 160 slice SP Prime computed tomography (CT) scanner and is now scheduling scans when referred by a medical provider.

A CT scan is a type of imaging test. Like an X-ray, it shows structures inside your body. However, instead of creating a flat, 2D image, a CT scan takes dozens to hundreds of images of your body. To get these images, a CT machine takes X-ray pictures as it revolves around you. Healthcare providers use CT scans to see things that regular X-rays can’t show.

A capability of the scanner of particular interest is cardiac analysis that enables physicians to determine the presence and extent of coronary obstructive disease, or the gradual narrowing or closing of arteries that supply the heart with blood. The scan can help to efficiently analyze coronary arteries and evaluate characteristics inside blood vessels.

“We are very excited to have a CT scanner with cardiac capabilities here at DMH,” said Abel Romero, MD, cardiologist with Southern Medical Group (SMG) who sees patients at DMH weekly. “For cardiologists, this is a great tool to assess issues of chest pain. In many ways, this can be a substitute for a more invasive procedure such as a heart catheterization. Or, if a patient has an inconclusive stress test or EKG, a cardiac CT can take a more in-depth look.”

This state-of-the-art technology is the least invasive and most effective way to assess the heart. Such advanced technology is rarely seen in rural healthcare facilities. While larger hospitals have the equipment, there is often a waiting period for an open appointment. A benefit to DMH’s new machine is that there is currently very little wait time between referral and scheduled scan.

“Acquiring this level of advanced diagnostic equipment has been a goal for us at DMH for a long time,” said CEO Lauren Faison-Clark. “We are proud to offer this technology to Taylor County and others across the region.”